The following is a set of questions and answers derived from our most frequent inquiries:

Q. How can I help increase awareness of the dangers of fitted crib sheets ?

A. You can help by distributing our safety packets to Family, Friends, Day Cares, Pediatricians, Ob/Gyn's, Birthing Classes, Mom's Groups and Grandparent's Groups. The safety packets include important information from this Web site and more. Remember you are our best way to spread the word and to be able to reach many people and save lives. Simply send us your name, address and the number of packets you need and we will mail them to you at no charge.

Q. How can I help to get safety standards for crib sheets?

A. You can write to your Senators and Representatives and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ATTN: Ann Brown

Q.Why are crib sheets dangerous?

A. Once a crib sheet comes off the mattress, it can become dangerous--children have died from suffocation/strangulation, resulting from ill-fitting crib sheets wrapping around them--crib sheets must "stay put" on the mattress to remain safe.

Q. What can happen if the crib sheet does not fit the mattress properly, can be pulled up or pops off the mattress?

A. Once a crib sheet comes off the mattress, either because it can be pulled up or comes loose by itself, this can be an accident waiting to happen. Infants can grasp the fabric, then roll, wrapping up their rib cages or necks. Sometimes in the struggle, sheets wind even tighter. Children, under the age of 2 have the ability to pull the thin material around them--but many do not have the perception necessary to unwrap themselves. The consequences can become fatal resulting in strangulation/suffocation.

Q. Why did you invent the StayPut and why do you recommend StayPut?

A. After losing my own child to a crib sheet death, I know I will never be able to trust a fitted crib sheet again. I have been campaigning for crib sheets to be regulated and to comply to safety standards. I believe parents should be aware of the potential dangers of ill-fitting crib sheets and have the choice of a safer alternative. At the time of Jimmy's death, the larger sheet manufacturers were not interested in producing safer crib sheets or alternatives due to the extra costs involved.

StayPut™ was invented from necessity. I wanted to give parents a choice (something I only wish I had earlier) and my desire to try to help others. A percentage of our sales goes to the JR CRIBS Foundation to help educate parents on infant bedding safety and to get laws passed requiring all infant bedding comply to safety standards.

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