Please refer to this 10 item check list to guard against the dangers of crib sheets:

  1. Check that your crib sheets fit securely on the mattress, every time waking and putting baby to bed. Check that you have at least 2" of material under the mattress on all four sides & corners.
  2. Re-check crib sheets for size/shrinkage after every wash, and especially after tumble drying.
  3. Check the elastic. If the elastic breaks or stretches, do not use the crib sheet.
  4. Take the pull test- If you can pull up the crib sheet, then so might your child.
  5. Check your child's sleeping pattern. Your unattended baby may be very active when sleeping. Their movement alone can bring a crib sheet off the mattress.
  6. Do not assume your crib sheets are safe because your first child was unharmed. Every child has different sleeping/movement patterns.
  7. A child playing or jumping on top of the crib sheet can pull/bring the sheet up.
  8. If you use elastic straps or ties- check that ties cannot come undone, that elastic hasn't stretched or can ping off.
  9. NEVER wrap a top sheet around the mattress as a bottom crib sheet (check hotels).
  10. If your crib sheet does not fit, comes off the mattress or can be pulled up- DO NOT use the crib sheet again. Take it back, report it to the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Comission) and email the JR CRIBS Foundation . Please tell us the type/brand of sheet that you were using, where it was purchased, and when your purchased it.

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