There are many cases where children have been found wrapped in their fitted crib sheet. The following are excerpts from messages sent to us by people from around the country

I have 5 sons and more than once I walked in and found them wrapped in their sheets, sometimes completely!!! When I think about how close they came to death or brain damage, it makes me sad and angry.
- T.Y.

I read your information and was horrified at the story! I have found my daughter in her crib with nearly all of the sheet pulled up, and her wrapped inside like a burrito. Nothing happened, thank God, but the potential for disaster was there. Like a typical parent, I have done everything I can to childproof the house and her room, but had no idea such a hazard was right there in her crib.
- C.R.

When I walked into the room, I could not see him in the crib. All I saw was a lump in the crib. The crib sheet had come loose and William had wrapped himself completely in it. I remember panicking and rushing to the crib. I had to unroll him three times to get him out (the entire sheet was around him and he was at the other end of the crib in what looked like a sheet cocoon).
- A.L.

My husband and I were watching TV Wednesday night, October 21,1998 when we were channel surfing and came across Dateline. We saw your interview on TV and were very saddened by the story. After the program, we said to each other that we would buy a crib sheet if it was on the market. That was the end of the conversation... Saturday, October 24, 1998, my daughter was sleeping. About 4AM my husband and I heard her crying, so my husband got up to get her a bottle, but had not gone into her room yet. I was half asleep and for some reason her cry did not sound the same as usual. So I got out of bed while my husband was getting the bottle. I went to her crib and all I could see is her feet. The top right corner had come undone and was completely over her head and most of her shoulder blades. Her face was planted down with nowhere to move. I threw the sheets away from her. She was sweating and very upset. My heart just about died... When I watched the program, I had never heard of infants getting hurt from the sheets. It was something I took very lightly. But since my incident, I think more parents should be aware of this like SIDS. It is a chance you are playing with your child's life. I don't ever want to go through this again.
- S.K.

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